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By installing solar power you not only reduce your electricity bill, but you now join ranks with those who are trying to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. It is better for the environment and better for your wallet. Fossil fuels are in short supply so the market price can dramatically increase during a short period of time. Solar energy helps avoid those sudden prices spikes. In addition, fossil fuels pollute our environment and are thought to be one of the chief causes of global warming. With enormous tax credits and rebates available, now is absolutely the best time to install a system, as these credits and rebates will not be available in the very near future.

How Solar Works

Solar panels are normally placed on the roof contain photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert the solar rays into DC current. The DC power must be converted to AC before we can use it. We achieve this by placing an inverter on the line. It then converts the power to the standard electrical power used by your home. Did you know when you create more power than you use your utility meter will literally spin backwards?


Little maintenance is required. You should check your trees for shade and keep them trimmed accordingly. Since there are no moving parts you will only need do clean and inspect your system occasionally.


Modern systems are quite reliable. Many governmental and large scale commercial properties now use solar energy. You never have to worry about the system being down due to a cloudy day because you are still connected to the main power grid. Most solar systems will last for over 25 years.

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