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Renewable Solar Energy is a wise investment of both money and time. With Rebates and Tax credits worth tens of thousands of dollars, it makes sense to take full advantage of these programs now, as it is a virtual certainty they will end, and probably sooner rather than later.

Atlas Energy is a full service energy company that offers a complete range of energy saving services, ridding you of the hassle, time and expense of finding different companies to accomplish your energy-saving goals. Beginning with a full energy audit of your home or business, we can offer solid advice and help with everything from a complete solar installation to insulation and air-infiltration services to what to look for when picking out energy efficient appliances. In sunny Colorado where we receive over 300 days of sunshine per year it is the ideal location to set up a solar power system. Green power helps to lower your electric bill, eliminate the need for fossil fuel, and helps to preserve our environment. Our team of highly trained technicians will aid you in identifying your energy needs, and implementing the proper solution for you.

Our Services

Altas Energy provides services that suits all your needs. The following are the services provided by Altas Energy

  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Energy Audits
  • Insulation
  • Weather-stripping

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